iPlan is a free online game that allows players to construct, investigate, and solve simulated urban and regional planning problems. Usable on any device with Internet access, iPlan allows players to explore the impacts of land-use decisions in their own local contexts. Players construct rezoning plans that address socioeconomic and environmental issues, and their plans are evaluated by virtual stakeholders who promote different community priorities.

Development Team: A. R. Ruis, A. L. Siebert Evenstone, J. Brohinsky, C. Barford, J. Klein, C. L. Hinojosa, V. Dumas, Z. Cai, J. Núñez Ares, B. Tian, M. Bougie, C. Ramakrishnan, K. Vachuska, J. Signorella, L. Marshall, A. Dohan, K. Scopinich, C. L. Marquart, T. J. Lark, J. T. Linderoth, & D. W. Shaffer


Game of Thrones Epistemic Network Analysis (GoTena) allows you to explore and compare the thematic networks of your favorite characters and Houses from HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones. Based on transcripts of all the episodes from the first 7 seasons, these networks show how characters’ dialogue, actions, and interactions advance the themes of the show.

Development Team: Z. Swiecki, A. Sachar, C. Marquart, C. Hinojosa, A. R. Ruis, & D. W. Shaffer